On this International Women’s Rights Day, I would like to thank the women of yesterday, today and tomorrow who have made, are making and will make Club Gymini a place where passions are born.

This year, the theme of this day is “Equality today for a sustainable future”. Since its incorporation in 1978, the Club has always promoted equal rights, relying on the skills of its leaders, managers and members. They have chosen a social economy model, an egalitarian model, aiming for economic autonomy in order to achieve our social objectives, which has allowed the Club to dream of a sustainable future for more than 40 years now.

According to the research report “Feminine leadership in Quebec sports organizations” by the Pôle Sports de HEC Montréal, there are only 22% of women members of a board and 19% at the head of the board in sports organizations. in Quebec. At Gymini, 63% of the turnover are women, including the president. I would therefore like to thank Renée Breton, Catherine Martel, Christine Schonfelder, Julie Poupart and our president Stéphanie Renaud for their involvement and leadership.

I would also like to thank all the women in the administrative team for their knowledge, skills and exemplary attitude: Marie-Pier Daoust, Valérie Ferragne, Audrey Lévesque, Marie-Claude René, Vanessa Ringuette, Jade Pinsonneault and Mélody Taupenot. Over the years, the Club has implemented a series of measures allowing women to play a central role within the Club, including work-family balance, an anti-harassment policy and an egalitarian staffing process. We have also implemented training and mentoring policies that promote the development of women in the organization.

Our team of coaches is also at the heart of our pride. They represent 84% of our training team. It is they, thanks to their passion, that allow the Club to offer a human framework and a unique sporting environment that promotes pleasure and surpassing oneself.

Finally, I would like to thank our athletes. They are the soul of the Club. Whether in the competitive, pre-competitive or recreational sector, the young girls who attend our Club and who develop their full potential there and meet their challenges, push us, too, to surpass ourselves.

On this International Women’s Day I say to you all: thank you!

Laurent Tremblay-Dion
General manager