State-of-the-art installations

At the Multisport Center in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Gymini offers its members excellent facilities. In addition to a large palaestra of over 15,000 sq. Ft., Our members train with quality equipment, in a stimulating setting. Also, in order to better serve its most remote members, our satellite gyms are offered to better meet the needs of the community.

Details of our installations

Gymini houses acrobatic sports equipment. The section below describes some of the most popular ones. Come and discover them all during your next visit to the Club!

With our expansion in 2017, Gymini went from 1 to 2 floor mats. The second floor was installed specifically for our cheerleading sector: G-Force. These two surfaces allow us to accommodate several groups and teams at the same time, for either warm-ups or to work on floor skills and tumbling.

Gymini has several bars (1 parallel, 2 fixed, 3 single and 4 asymmetrical). Separated in different areas of the gymnasium, these devices allow to work several notions of gymnastics. We also find bars in some of our external sites.

14 beams (7 high and 7 low) are distributed in our facilities at the Multisport Center, to provide athletes and toddlers challenges in each training. Our satellites gymnasiums are also equipped with some beams.

In the center of our blue floor is installed masculine gymnastics equipment and introduction to the art of the circus equipment. Thus, athletes and toddlers can experience great emotions and a certain sens of achievements.

In addition to its small springboards, Gymini has 2 trampolines, 2 Tumbl Track and a Rod Floor. These accessories are indisputable levers to allow all our athletes to acquire new movements and push their limits, one step at a time.

What would be Gymini without its scarves, hoops, blocks, inclined mats, teddy bears, large pits and rollers. Added to most of its equipment, these help provide a stimulating environment, serving the motor development of the youngest. Some of these smaller equipments are also used daily by our athletes from all our disciplines, contributing to the creation of adapted and safe training grounds.

Six locations to live our passion

A local offer for families in Vaudreuil-Soulanges

Gymini now has 6 gyms to live the passion of acrobatic sports. In each of them, material allows a fun class offer, allowing for gross motor skill development and the improvement of children’s physical condition.

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