Our philosophy

Gymini’s philosophy is based on the well-being of children as well as achievements.

The child is at the center of his training and our coaching team works to ensure that each child, depending on their potential and development, faces motivating challenges while at Gymini.


Gymini is a place where passion rise. Thanks to a human approach, a diversified offer and state-of-the-art safe facilities, we create a unique sporting environment that promotes pleasure, excitement and pride. Our mission, to gather all those who wish to push their own limits by the practice of acrobatic sports.



I value progress to performance


I celebrate every experience that helps me grow


I have the courage to express my ambitions


Training is my playground


My motivation, my club

Our history

Le club de Gymnastique Gymini a été fondé en 1978 à titre d’organisme à but non lucratif. Depuis ce temps, le Club est en constante évolution.