Who is the recreational program for?

I wish to have fun while going beyond my own limits

Recreational programs want to bring together all those who want to push their own limits by practicing acrobatic sports. Our classes are for children one year and older. We also offer programs adapted to teenagers as well as adults!

At Gymini, it is possible to live your passion for acrobatic sports through several sports: motor skill development, artistic gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, tumbling and circus.

Information and Policies

  • Main Gymnasium and Administration: 3093, boul. Station, Vaudreuil-Dorion
  • Gymini Rigaud: School of L’Épervière, 24 chemin Lourdes, Rigaud
  • Gymini St-Zotique: School of Orioles, 20 av. des Maîtres, Saint-Zotique
  • G Force St-Zotique: Riveraine School, 425, 34th Avenue, Saint-Zotique
  • Acrovoltige Coteau-du-Lac: School L’Éclusière, 2 ch. St-Emmanuel, Coteau-du-Lac
  • School of Circus Vaudreuil-Soulanges: École Papillon-Bleu, St-Jean-Baptiste Pavilion, 2 rue de La Fabrique, Vaudreuil-Dorion
  • See our locations on the map:
  • Motor Development: Body fitted sports clothing, barefoot, long hair must be tied.
  • Women’s Artistic Gymnastics: Body fitted sports clothing, barefoot. Long hair must be tied. The gym jersey is ideal, but not mandatory.
  • Men’s Artistic Gymnastics: Body fitted sports clothing, barefoot. Long hair must be tied.
  • Acrobatic Gymnastics: Body fitted sports clothing, barefoot. Long hair must be tied. The gym jersey is ideal, but not mandatory.
  • Cheerleading: Body fitted sports clothing with indoor shoes. Long hair must be tied. The crop top” or the “tank top”, short leggings and cheerleading shoes are ideal, but are not mandatory.
  • Parkour: Body fitted sports clothing, barefoot. Long hair must be attached
  • Tumbling: Body fitted sports clothing, barefoot. Long hair must be tied. It is possible to put indoor shoes for the tumbling course.
  • Circus: Body fitted sports clothing, barefoot or indoor shoes. Long hair must be tied.
  • **No jewelery

Parents cannot stay in the gymnastics area (except for Karibou classes), but can observe classes outside the practice areas. This measure is put in place to ensure the safety of children.

Due to technical difficulties with the automation of friend matching requests, please note that we can no longer guarantee this possibility.

If you wish to apply for your child to be matched with another child, please:

  • Present yourself at least 20 minutes before your class
  • Contact the supervisor on site to consult the possibilities

We will do everything in our power to accommodate your requests, but cannot guarantee that all requests will be possible. We are sure that your children will have just as much fun doing gymnastics with their new friends!

When you arrive, go to the 2nd floor and your children will be asked to wait in the waiting area (in pink on the diagram) so that the coaches can bring them to the lockers and then inside the gymnasium. To ensure that the mezzanine corridor is not blocked and that your children do not walk in the water, we ask that parents stay outside the stairways to our gym.

We advise you to bring a sports bag or a reusable bag to put all the effects of your child. In this way, the exit of the locker area will be faster and with the least possible loss of personal effects!

Coaches will be on hand during the first courses to guide you through the process of welcoming and splitting groups. Do not hesitate to contact them for any questions.

As for departures, parents will have to wait in the waiting zone (in green on the diagram). Please position yourself near the walls to allow enough space for children and coaches to proceed.

We are never safe from the weather. In the unlikely event of a class cancellation due to weather, an email will be sent the same day to the account manager (in Amilia), we will also make a publication on Facebook. A special « à la carte activity » will be offered to children who have missed a class, but the course will not be postponed.

Our recreational programs

Consult the list of our recreational programs to choose which one interests you. Several disciplines are offered!

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