My child has fun and faces new challenges every week

We offer two development programs. The Karibou program and the Amusagym program.

Karibou is a program of motor activities for children from one to four years old accompanied by their parent. Children evolve through pathways, workshops and challenges that allow them to gradually tame the world of sport and physical activity. Each 45-minutes session consists of a variety of motor skills activities such as throwing, catching, jumping, dancing, rolling and running. Obviously, the primary goal is to have fun!

The Amusagym program is inspired by the national CANGYM program, the Kinétik program and the Karibou motor skill development program. For an hour, children will explore the world of gymnastics in a world of fun and excitement.


Our Physical Literacy

Maryse Bonenfant

Competitive, Precompetitive

Chloé (Myrtille) Goneau

Competitive, Precompetitive, Recreative

Audrey (Renverse) Levesque

Competitive, Precompetitive, Recreative

Dana-Maria Panfilii

Competitive, Precompetitive

Alice (Tazz) Robert

Competitive, Precompetitive, Recreative

Kevin (Shock) Roy

Competitive, Recreative