What is an audition?

An audition is the perfect occasion to evaluate a participant and analyze which is the right level for his development, evolution and to put them in a position to achieve succes. The audition is done by trained and competent coaches in the field. It can take many forms, depending on the availability of the evaluators and the time of year (single audition, mass audition, trial class, etc.). After completing this online form, we will contact you to set a date for the audition.

  • Duration: approximately 1 to 3 hours
  • Bring your leotard or sports clothes and a bottle of water
  • For cheerleading auditions: clean shoes are also required


To book an audition:

F.A.Q - Tryouts

Can not find the answer to your question ? Unable to find an audition schedule that matches your availability?

Contact our coordinators:

Cheerleading: gforce@clubgymini.org

Gymnastics: precompetitif@clubgymini.org

In Gymnastics

Gymnastics auditions allow an athlete to be evaluated to determine if they can join the pre-competitive sector in order to perfect their skills and integrate the competitive sector afterwards. The pre-competitive sector is a transitional sector.


In Cheerleading

Auditions, also called tryouts, allow coaches to classify athletes in the level that best suits them while taking into account the ages, heights, ratios needed, and positions sought the team.

All athletes interested in being part of a competitive and pre-competitive G-Force team must participate in the auditions. Athletes who have previously been part of a competitive team must still participate in the audition.

What we are looking at is passionate young athletes who want to improve. Obviously, it takes some talent, but a positive attitude and self-discipline are important success factors that are observed. At the cheerleading level, the roles assigned to children are based on the age, size, abilities and needs of the teams.

In Gymnastics

The audition takes place as a regular pre-competitive session. We want to see if the child is able to follow a regular course.

In Cheerleading

The process of the auditions is very simple: The audition will begin with a warm-up altogether, then the athletes will be directed to various stations (jumps, stunts and tumbling) where physical abilities, but also sportsmanship will be observed.

In Gymnastics

Female athletes must wear a jersey, male athletes must wear shorts and a t-shirt. Long hair should be tied back. No jewelry and remember to bring a bottle of water.

In Cheerleading

You will need

  • Athletic wear
  • Bottle of water
  • Clean running shoes
  • Smile

In Gymnastics

In the week following the audition, by email and/or telephone.


In Cheerleading

As soon as the athletes arrive, during the audition, a number will be assigned to them. This number will be used to preserve the anonymity of the athletes during the unveiling of the results online on our Facebook page.

An individual email will also be sent to all participants to inform them of the decision made regarding their ranking.