Training without commitment!

You are registred in a class or you want to train without commitment? Try our drop-in special activities! Coaches are available to help you raise the bar!

Since July 3, 2019, our famous open-gym have become drop-in special activities:

  • The activity starts with a collective warm up (as was already the case).
  • Participants must choose 1 apparatus and stay there for 15 minutes (New request).
  • The coach mentions apparatus-specific regulations at all rotations.
  • There is a maximum of 15 participants per apparatus.
  • After 15 minutes, there is a rotation and participants can choose another activity.

In total the activity is of a duration of 1 hour including the warm-up and 4 rotations.


Pass: $ 90 for 10 sessions

Drop-ins special activities : 10 $ Per participant
Affilation fees (per day) : 5 $ Per participant
Drop-ins special activities (for competitive membres) : 5 $ Per participant

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Note that a maximum of 80 participants are accepted in the gym. Please make sure this number is not reached before leaving your children.