Audrey (Renverse) Levesque


Competitive, Precompetitive, Recreative

Trust yourself!

My experience as an athlete :

  • Former national level gymnast. I have been in gymnastics since I was 3 years old.
  • I have been in the world of cheerleading since 2018.

My training experience :

I have been a recreational gymnastics coach since 2014, also supervisor for the recreational sector since 2019. I have been coaching competitive cheerleading since 2019.

As for my training, I have my level 1 in gymnastics, in addition to having my level 1 and 2 training in cheerleading.

My other experiences :

I completed my certificate in psychosocial intervention in 2020.

My pride :

At the age of 13, I finished 6th in Canada at the Canadian Gymnastics Championships.

My passion :

Both cheerleading and gymnastics bring a lot to my life. Both are sports that develop skills for athletes such as surpassing oneself, self-confidence, coordination and more. I am a coach because I want to pass on my passion and my knowledge, to see athletes evolve and flourish.

My development :

I want to continue to pass on my knowledge to others, look for other trainings and then add them to the ones I have and thus improve myself as a coach.

My club :

GForce is a family, a place where everyone can meet, learn, surpass themselves, discover and so much more.