I am proud to wear the G-Force’s colors. As a team, we help each other and become better at all the practices, that’s what motivates me

It is a mixed sport that was demonstrated at the 2018 Olympic Games. Cheerleading develops flexibility, strength, coordination, teamwork, perseverance and self-confidence. Today, cheerleading consists of a mix of acrobatics, floor gymnastics, dance and jumps, all on dynamic music. The acrobatics part consists of the execution of human pyramids. The gymnastics part consists of the main movements and sequences of floor gymnastics (tumbling). The dance part is done, here, at G-Force, without pompons. G-Force offers recreational, pre-competitive and competitive teams!

Our G-Force – Cheerleading


Competitive, Precompetitive, Recreative

Audrey (Renverse) Levesque

Competitive, Precompetitive, Recreative