Maryse (Choco) Bonenfant


Competitive, Precompetitive, Recreative

Trust yourself, you are wonderful!

My experience as an athlete :

Recreational gymnastics, I was a champion of the somersaults!

My training experience :

  • Coach for 6 years at Gymini. Motor development for preschool with the Karibou and amusagym programs
  • Precompetitive group (R3)
  • Competitive group regional and provincial Défi program
  • Artistic specialist for 3 years.
  • Choreographer for regional, provincial and national routines for 3 years.
  • level 2 (competition 1)
  • Creation and staging of 3 end of year gala of the Gymini club.
  • Training by Marieta Boncheva, and continuing training in Gymini with external and internal specialist

My other experiences :

  • More than 20 years of dance experience
  • Started dancing at 3 years old
  • Elementary and secondary art-study study (Cardinal-Léger and Pierre-Laporte)
  • DEC. in dance and interpretation at the Québec EDQ dance school
  • Training in classical dance (Cecchetti method, pointes, pas de deux and repertoire work), contemporary (Limon, Graham and other), jazz, contact-improvisation, flamenco, traditional Russian dance, history of dance, anatomy, teaching dance and other.
  • Professional work as a performer, choreographer, dance teacher and rehearsal coach for 7 years
  • Capoeira training (martial art dance) 6 years gray belt with CCCB and teaching.
  • Regional diving and swimming competition
  • Bronze cross, bronze medal and national lifeguard training

My pride :

  • First place in Contemporary Dance Encore competition and scholarship in 2001
  • Creation of over 50 custom-made regional, provincial and national gymnastics routines that have been successful in competition.
  • Co-founder, performer and choreographer of the multidisciplinary group les cadavres exquis

My passion :

To have the privilege of supporting athletes to grow in their sport, to witness their development and their success.

My development :

Maintain curiosity to learn more and more. Continue to pass on my artistic knowledge and my passion for dance and gymnastics to as many people as possible. Help athletes reach their full potential. Become a reference as an artistic specialist in gymnastics.

My club :

Gymini is a team of enthusiasts who push me to become better and to grow.