Jade Pinsonneault



You are your only limit!

My experience as an athlete :

I did gymnastics from 2004 to 2014

My training experience :

  • Recreational coach from 2010 to 2016
  • Precompetitive coach since 2012
  • Competitive coach since 2015
  • Completed Level 1 of the National Coach Certification Program
  • Certified Level 2 of the National Coach Certification Program

My other experiences :

  • Recreational supervisor from 2017 to 2019
  • Competitive programs coordinator 2019-2020

When you give up, you let someone else win!

My passion :

I am a trainer because gymnastics offers opportunities to have fun, to learn, to surpass myself and to develop physical and motor skills. Gymnastics teaches us self-discipline, a sense of responsibility, perseverance and self-esteem. Success is the result of many years of preparation, planning and commitment on the part of coaches and clubs.


My club :

Gymini has been my 2nd family for over 15 years!