Yann Auclair


Competitive, Precompetitive

Trust yourself, if you’re here it’s because we believe in you!

My experience as an athlete :

A recreational session at Gymini when I was 10 years old. Subsequently 1 year of precompetitive in another Club, because at that time, Gymini did not have a male artistic gymnastics program.

I did a few years of recreational cheerleading when I finished high school.

My training experience :

I have had my level 1 certification in cheerleading since 2002.

I started my training as a gymnastics trainer in 2004. I have been certified level 1 since 2005 and level 2 since 2015. I have completed level 3 training and I am awaiting recognition of my certification.

My other experiences :

I did a DEC in dance at Cégep Saint-Laurent. During 2 years I had therefore technical classes in ballet and modern dance as well as rhythmic, creation, improvisation and dance history lessons. This experience allowed me to be accepted, following the auditions process of LADMMI (the modern dance workshops of Montreal Inc.), in dance technique. Now renamed EDCM (Montreal contemporary dance school), the school has been part of ADÉSAQ (Association des écoles supérieures d’art du Québec). During this training I continued to deepen my technical training, but more mainly my strengths in creation and interpretation.

My pride :

I am proud of each of my athletes. For each new successful movement, for each time they surpass themselves, for each position they reach in competition, whether it is 1st or 10th. I am proud to have been alongside my athletes in competitions such as the Quebec Championships, the Jeux du Québec, the Eastern Canadian Championships and Elite-Canada. For me, it is the accomplishment of a huge teamwork with my athletes.

My passion :

Help young athletes to surpass themselves and achieve their goals, their dreams.

I also have a great passion for functional anatomy: the body in motion. I find it fascinating to analyze, understand and modify motor patterns. The body is an exceptional machine.

My development :

I want to be the best possible coach for my athletes. My goal is to support my athletes where they want to go. Whether it’s in level 1 of the Défi program or in a world championship, I will always be there for them to exceed their limits and achieve their goals.

My club :

Since setting foot in Gymini’s gymnasium as an athlete I have always felt accepted and at th right place. This feeling then evolved into confidence when I became a competitive coach. Gymini has always believed in me, both as an athlete and as a coach. It is thanks to the Club that I became the coach I am today. Gymini has given me a lot, I hope I can give back as much.