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Our programs

Children are encouraged to run, jump, dance, roll and climb through a series of relays, games and exercises. The activities are designed to develop motor skills and allow the children to feel pride in their personal successes which reinforces their self-esteem. The surroundings are exciting and welcoming and filled with music. Our primary goal however is to just have fun! The activities are varied and allow young ones to experiment with a broad range games that are adapted to match their skill levels.


A course inspired by the CANGYM national program and the Karibou’s World in Action motor skills development program. Children explore the world of gymnastics in a fun setting while challenging themselves.


KINETIK is the energy of movement and the passion of excellence. Born from the observations and experience of the Gymini personnel, the KINETIK program aligns with the requirements of the provincial and national programs while proposing an objective-based approach combining teaching skills and evolution learning. In total, 12 levels are proposed to prepare the participants to a safe and healthy gymnastics practice while being fun and thorough at the same time.


Following the basics of the national program, the children develop their skills on each apparatus. They work on different levels and are given a quick evaluation after each session to guide their progression through the sport.


This course is designed for teens looking for a challenge and to prove and enjoy themselves! You’ll be learning parkour and acrobatic techniques in a safe environment. The course is given by dynamic coaches who have several years of proven experience in parkour.


This class teaches floor acrobatics, vault and trampoline and is directed to those wishing to further their skills in the acrobatics sphere. This programm is intended as well for athletes of the cheerleading programs wishing to attain new personal objectives.


This course is an introduction to circus disciplines. Children learn the basic movements on various apparatuses including the set trapeze, aerial ring, balance bars and the trampoline. Participants will also learn juggling techniques and take part in clown workshops. The course will be given by a dynamic circus artist.


Cheerleading is a recognized sport in Quebec. This sport consist of a mix of various skills, acrobatics (stunts, pyramids), dance and floor gymnastics (tumbling and jumps). Cheerleading teaches not only a very dynamic and complete sport, but also the importance of teamwork, self-esteem, team-work and perseverance. More …


This course is designed for beginner through advanced men and women aged 14 years and older. The course offers instruction on different techniques for each apparatus with the help of a coach who still practices competitive gymnastics. By taking this course you will be learning gymnastics for the fun and the challenge it offers and to surpass yourself with the goal of participating in “Masters” competitions for adults.

To register for the Adults class only, please contact this group’s coach
Andrea Ropeleski at 514-962-5757.

A fun and different way to stay in shape!


Acrobatic gymnastics consists of a mixture of human pyramid, gymnastics on the ground, as well as dance. Also called Acrosport or Acro Gym, it is of European origin.

The recommended starting age is 5 years, since at this time, the young are able to better understand the explanations and their concentration time is longer than for the youngest. In order to allow better learning, students are divided into small groups according to their capacity and in smaller numbers if they are beginners.

Our coachs

Our coachs are trained in gross motor skills development, artistic gymnastics, cheerleading, leadership and first aid.

Their joy: Seeing your children move in a safe way!