G-Force - Cheerleading
10-18 years old


Legends is a group of athletes who train in the afternoons, via a sports concentration program. These athletes also participate in a civilian competition team.

Combining studies and sport through the Legends program increases the number of training sessions during the day and thus reduces the training load in the evening and on the week-end. We welcome a group of high school athletes and elementary school athletes who are released by their school.

The program consists of 15 hours of training per week for high school athletes in sport concentration. For elementary school athletes, an agreement specific to each athlete is put in place.

An audition is mandatory to access this program. Contact us for more details or complete an audition request form.

Note that this class offer and our approach are based on the recommendations of Cheer Canada and the Quebec Cheerleading Federation.

Quebec Cheerleading Federation

An audition is required for this program. Contact us for more details.