Vanessa Ringuette



90% in your head, 10% in your body, 10% willpower.

My experience as an athlete :

  • Acrosport with Ewa Rucka for 6 years
  • Competitive artistic gymnastics for 6 years
  • Dance for 8 years
  • Cheerleading for 3 years

My training experience :

  • Coach for 14-15 years in gymnastics and cheerleading
  • Trained all ages from 12 months to 65 years! Hey yes !! I have already been the trainer of a top grandma!
  • Recreational to global level.
  • More than 8 National Champions titles in cheerleading
  • 4 participations at the World Cheerleading Championships in Orlando.
  • Beyond the competitive performances, I must have trained and seen more than 3000 young people that attained personal successes

Never stop dreaming, there is no such thing as too big a dream.

My other experiences :

I went to the National Circus School in Montreal. Before I injured my back, I had a promising trapeze career. I had even received an invitation to be part of a trapeze troupe that was performing in Saudi Arabia at the time.

My pride :

  • I was crowned ” coach of the year ” at the Niagara Falls National Championships in 2014.
  • 3rd in the division at the Quebec gymnastics championships in Quebec.
  • By far the achievement I am most proud of is the relationships I have with young people: knowing that I have taken young people out of a difficult environment thanks to sport. It is my greatest pride and greatest achievement.

My passion :

The relationship with young people, athletes. To make dreams grow, to make them come true. Being a coach means being in a team with an athlete and having a common goal, regardless of age or level! It is so important to me that an athlete surpass himself and be proud of himself. There is no such thing as a dream that is too big and it is important to dream!

My development :

I want to help as many small human beings as possible to grow both on a sporting and personal level!

Where I want to go as a coach? I am already there with passionate people, because I am not looking for the level, but the surpassing of oneself. However, I want to keep improving myself to keep helping my athletes become the best version of themselves.

If I can be a role model for the young people of tomorrow, I will have accomplished great things.

My club :

A welcoming family, filled with love, passion which has values in the right places.


If you want, you can DO ANYTHING.