Valérie L’Écuyer


You cannot be a lumberjack and a gymnast at the same time. You have to choose!

My experience as an athlete :

Gymnast for 8 years

My training experience :

Certified Level 3 coach

My other experiences :

  • Provincial level judge for 5 years
  • Sports massage therapist
  • President of the Sud-Ouest Regional Association for gymnastics (ARGSO)

My pride :

  • Participation as a coach in the Team Quebec in the 2014 Eastern Canadian Championships.
  • 6 athletes that participated in the East Canadian Championships

My passion :

I am competitive and passionate about training planning and methodology and movement analysis.

My development :

Go as far as possible while keeping the well-being and health of my athletes at the heart of my decisions.

My club :

Gymini represents my beginnings and my successes. Since I was 6 years old that Gymini has been my club.