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Last update: August 11 9:30 AM


Status report

The facilities of the Multisports Center are partially open, but are not open to the public. The Club has been operating day camps and competitive courses since June 22.


Facilities are now open

The main gymnasium of the Multisports center is now open.

  • The competitive seasons of cheerleading and gymnastics are gradually resuming.
  • The athletes for the 2019-2020 season are given priority, but if places are available, they can be offered to new interested members.
    • Contact us for information on this.


Consequences on purchases

The Club is proud to strictly comply with the Laws and standards, including the Consumer Protection Act. This is why our cancellation and refund policies are summarized as follows:

  • The value of the canceled courses has been credited to your accounts, with no administration fees.
  • Equipment and memberships are not refundable.
    The credit can be used for the purchase of an upcoming session or for any other service offered by the Club.
  • Members not wishing to use the credit may be reimbursed. Simply complete the following refund request:


Activities to come

The fall session

The session will last 11 sessions, from Monday September 14 to Sunday December 6.



Cheerleading auditions

By registering now for the free priority pass, you will receive hearing dates by email when they are available, following government decisions regarding sports in Quebec. In addition, we will ensure that you have priority over the choice of audition schedule.

Get your pass


Health measures

The safety of athletes, parents and staff is a priority for the Club. Here is a list of the measures that will be implemented in order to be able to offer courses in a safe manner, when we have authorization from Public Health:

  • Exclusion of symptomatic people
  • Physical distance
    • Maintaining the safe distance from arrival to exit;
    • Frequent recall of rules and measures;
    • Reduction of direct contact;
    • Hours, ratios and rotations to respect physical distance;
  • Hygiene
    • Frequent hand washing for 20 seconds;
    • Frequent cleaning of equipment;
    • Frequent cleaning of frequently touched surfaces
    • Reduced sharing of equipment;

Let’s keep moving and have fun

Since the start of confinement, the Club has offered a series of training sessions, challenges and capsules that you can consult at any time.

See workouts, challenges and capsules

Access the web application: Gymini and GForce at home


Ask your question by sending an email to

At this time, we have no information on the intensity of training this Summer. We are unable to announce a competitive sector training camp at this time.


However, if you want your children to be taken care of during the day this Summer, it is recommended that you register quickly to reserve a place for them!


We’ll be training online for a few hours a week and adjusting the formula as government directives evolve.

Due to the various ratios (maximum number of children per animator) imposed by the government, we are unable to accommodate children under the age of 6 this summer.

If your child was registered before May 18, we will however honor their registration for the time being.

The idea is to be able to offer you more indoor training as the health rules relax. The subscription will be added to your account, in the following ways:

GROUPS Hours of training Weeks Membership
Gr1 8        4,00 190,00  $
Gr2 7        4,00 170,00  $
Gr3 7        4,00 170,00  $
Gr4 7        4,00 170,00  $
Gr5 6        4,00 145,00  $
Gr6 6        4,00 145,00  $
Gr7 6        4,00 145,00  $
Gr8 4,5        4,00 110,00  $
Gr9 4,5        4,00 110,00  $
Gr10 7        4,00 170,00  $
Gr11 5        4,00 120,00  $

REMINDER: If you wish to withdraw from summer training, please contact Andrée-Anne Long-Rivard ( before June 25.

You will be billed for a second subscription for the month of August and you can again opt out if you wish.

Subscriptions include a number of hours of training via a variety of diverse activities including, but not limited to:

  • Outdoor training;
  • A physical training ;
  • Specific interior training;
  • Distance training;
  • Specific training plans via the web application;

For summer competitive and precompetitive training:

Currently not. We have to start with the current parameters for several reasons, in particular in order to follow the recommendations of public health and the sports federation. We have formed groups of 6 athletes to facilitate training, disinfection of equipment and circulation in the gymnasium. With the relaxation of the measures, we may be able to reassess the groups.

For the day camp:

If you would like to make a special request for your child’s group, please contact LiseAnn Bellefeuille ( no later than the Tuesday before your child’s arrival at camp.

For summer competitive and pre-competitive training:

The coaching team consulted to group the athletes into groups with similar skills. Again, changes may possibly be made during the summer, depending on the relaxation of measures by the public health department.


For the day camp:

Children are matched according to age groups. We take into account special requests such as respecting siblings, but the request must be made at most on the Tuesday preceding the start of the activity.

Gymnastics Quebec’s recommendation is to proceed with a gradual return. According to the documentation presented by the experts, it is expected that it may take up to 8 weeks before regaining physical strength to the “before COVID” state. All athletes must submit to this gradual return.

The list of compulsory individual equipment is compulsory for all athletes in the competitive and pre-competitive gymnastics section in order to regain form. The equipment will be used during indoor training, via zoom and in training programs via the mobile application. Individual work will be encouraged in order to gradually regain strength. Gymini will not be able to lend equipment in order to comply, once again, with the sanitary measures imposed by public health.


To consult the list of equipment, click here: “My training bag”

Of course! These are only examples to guide you in your research. In no case will you be asked for these specific items!


Elastics: and

Ankle weight: we recommend between 0.5lbs and 1lbs

Stick: stick wider than the shoulders allowing a good grip. A broomstick can do the trick.

As with any activity, it is not mandatory to be present. We will try to offer more time slots over the weeks, perhaps a subscription may suit you with time slots that match your schedule. Stay tuned!

In the competitive and precompetitive gymnastics sector:

It will likely be possible to re-enter the competitive sector in the fall, as long as availability and space allow. It should be noted however that your child will have to submit to the gradual return of 8 weeks, as required by Gymnastics Quebec.

In the competitive and precompetitive cheerleading sector:

It will likely be possible to re-enter the competitive sector in the fall, as long as availability and space allow. Note, however, that priority will be offered first to members registered in the summer of 2020. To join a training group, contact Vanessa Ringuette (

In the recreational sector:

We will be delighted to see you next September! Stay tuned for registrations for the fall session!

In order to comply with the instructions of the Department of Public Health, here is a reminder of several important information, but please read and understand the long version of the external stimulus plan and the internal stimulus plan before the first lesson:

  • We ask everyone to arrive no more than 10 minutes before the scheduled training start time.
  • Please go to the back of the Multisport center to give your presence at the reception table.
  • The person responsible for health measures will welcome you by passing a health questionnaire to your child, during each session in person.
    • Please be present during the questionnaire to validate your child’s answers.
  • During your first training, please have your completed risk acceptance document on hand.
  • Your athlete will then need to disinfect their hands and then move to the space provided for their group.
  • Respect social distancing at all times.
  • Athletes must keep their personal belongings at each apparatus. Refer to the “My Training Bag” document to ensure the compliance of your athlete’s equipment. No loan of material will be authorized either by the athletes or by the Club.
  • Athletes must arrive ready for their sport.
  • If the athlete wishes to use magnesia, he must obtain his own cube from the Club. The cost of a cube of magnesia is $ 4 while a box of 12 will sell for $ 40.
  • Parents will not be able to enter the gymnasium and will have to leave in order to avoid any gathering.
  • When the class is over, the athletes will join you outside.
  • It is recommended that you wash your child’s clothes as soon as they get home and that they take a shower quickly. Contact with your child should be limited until it is done.


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