Valérie (Pirouette) Ferragne


Competitive, Precompetitive, Recreative

My experience as an athlete :

  • Gymnastics: competitive athlete for Gymini from 2004 to 2009
  • Cheerleading: competitive athlete (school level 2 (flyer) and civilian levels 4.2 (front) and 6 (flyer)) from 2011 to 2019

My training experience :

  • Gymnastics: coach at Gymini since 2016 (2 years in competitive, 3 years in precompetitive, 5 years in recreational and now recreational supervisor)
  • National Coach Certification Program: Level 1 training completed and level 2 in training
  • Cheerleading: G-Force tumbling coach since 2020

My other experiences :

Undergraduate student in preschool and elementary education at UQÀM since 2019

My pride :

  • I am proud to have classified to go to the World Cheerleading Championships in 2017, but I was unable to participate due to an injury
  • Named star coach for the year 2019-2020 by Gymini and Gymnastique Québec during the coaches week

My passion :

I am passionate about children and gymnastics. Since I was little, I have been part of the Gymini family. I started doing gymnastics at the age of three and since that day I like it just as much. When I had to stop doing gymnastics as an athlete, I thought that one day I was going to become a gymnastics coach because I loved the gym way too much to stop it there. And obviously, 7 years later I returned to Gymini as a coach. By being a coach, I want to transmit my passion for gymnastics to my athletes. I want them to develop to their full potential while having fun and continuing to love gymnastics because it’s what is most important.

My development :

I don’t have specific goals as a coach, but I want to continue learning and developing as much as possible as a coach so that my athletes can benefit as much as possible and thus develop further.

My club :

Gymini is a big family. I started at Gymini when I was three as an athlete and I’m still there several years later as a coach, so I think that says it all. Gymini helps develop passions.