Sandrine Piché



« Dream, believe, WORK, succeed ! »

My experience as an athlete :

  • 1994-2000 in artistic gymnastics
  • Cheerleading athlete since 2001
  • Collège Beaubois
  • Pancodas île Bizard
  • Gymnitours Lachine
  • Montreal cheer masters

My training experience :

  • Coach from 2004 to 2011 at Collège Beaubois
  • EPL in Lachine (5 disadvantaged schools with Québec en forme) 2005 to 2009
  • Owner of the X-Out club 2013 to 2018, coach of all cheer, tumbling and trampoline teams
  • G-Force since 2018

My other experiences :

  • Vice-president of the Association de cheerleading Masters 2010
  • Member of the board of directors of the Quebec cheerleading federation
  • Instructor for the Quebec Cheerleading Federation
  • Co-owner of cheertechniques, responsible for FCQ training videos
  • Winner of 7 entrepreneurship competitions (osentreprendre, Montreal inc, young promoter, female entrepreneur Montreal)


My pride :

  • The Beaubois College Dragons have never lost a competition. (We have always been on a podium in 7 years)
  • Masters: national champion partner stunt level 7: 2011 to 2014
  • X-Out:
    • 2014: Regional, provincial and national champion
    • 2015: Grand champion level 4.2 coed in the 4 competitions of the year
    • 2016 & 2018: Participation in Worlds level 7
  • My greatest pride is the Goldies athletes that I have been training since 2008 who have followed me all these years.

My passion :

I am passionate about the sport of cheerleading (especially stunts), but over the years I have discovered that my greatest passion is what sport brings in terme of self-confidence and sense of achievement to athletes. This sport which allows young and old, strong and weaker, boys and girls to be essential to the achievement of a routine. This sport offers a feeling of belonging and accomplishment to each participant. A sport very demanding physically, artistically and above all which requires a huge collaboration between everyone. We create relationships every year which are extremely strong, a community, a support between each one which begins with everyone surpassing themselves in practice. The mutual aid that is taught to succeed in accomplishing our 2.5-minute routines is often transposed into our daily lives. We create friendships that we can count on, that we can trust, with whom we can be vulnerable, because we live all the emotions in practice to surpass ourselves. In adulthood, we no longer receive a lot of congratulations, we forget ourselves a little with the children, we are very present for others and not much for ourselves. When we start cheerleading, we realize that we are strong, courageous and that we can accomplish anything if we put the hours and the time to do it.

My development :

  • I want to train adults until I can no longer walk
    I would really love to help create a team of athletes with physical or mental disabilities and bring them to the worlds championships


My club :

Gymini is a club with integrity, with good values and a great team. It’s a place that agreed to take back and manage my baby (X-Out) to allow me to do specifically what I wanted to do: Coach!