Marie-Geneviève (Back) Regaudie


Competitive, Recreative

If it was easy, everybody would do it !

My experience as an athlete :

  • I did gymnastics for 11 years (6 to 17 years old)
  • I did the Défi program (Défi 4) and the Provincial program
  • I performed in JO9 level
  • I did all of my high school in the Sport-Études program at Chêne-Bleu
  • My favorite lines on the floor were front-walk-out-roundoff-back handspring-double twists and roundoff-back handspring-double 1/2 twists. Even today, I love “twisting” for fun!

My training experience :

  • I have 5 years of experience as a coach at Gymini
  • I have been a recreational and pre-competitive coach
  • I am starting my second year as a coach in the competitive sector with the Regional 5 group

My other experiences :

I did all of my high school in the Sport-Études program at Chêne-Bleu.

I am currently at Cégep in the Natural Sciences program (since fall 2018).

My pride :

I went to the Eastern Championships when I was a gymnast in 2014.

I am Gymini’s first gymnast to have been twice Gymnast of the Year.

My passion :

It may sound “cliché”, but what excites me as a coach is to pass on my passion for gymnastics to young people! Pass on to them the passion for having fun while wanting to surpass themselves through the practice of an intense and wonderful sport such as gymnastics.

My development :

Currently a competitive regional coach, I would like to continue my journey to become a provincial coach one day!

My club :

Gymini is a family! I spent almost more time as a youngster being in the gym than at home with my own family! So from a very young age, I have always had a special place for Gymini, for everything the Club has allowed me to accomplish as a gymnast, but also as a person.