Florence (Gougoune) Dumont


Competitive, Recreative

My experience

  • Cheerleading for 5 years as an athlete.
  • Coach for 6 years: 4 years in recreative, 3 years in level 1 et one year in level 2
  • Special education technique
  • Certified Level 1 and 2 in cheerleading

My passion

I am passionate about cheerleading. I like to follow the development of the people I coach as athletes, but I also like to see them grow as a person. For me, it’s important that athletes know they can trust me and talk to me when needed. I care about their well-being and it’s important that all team members respect each other.

My development

I plan to follow the development of my athletes for several years. I would like to get them to surpass themselves.

My club

GForce is a family to me. A place without judgment, without taboos. Where each person is accepted for who they are and for their true worth. It is a place where diversity is welcome, each person has their place.