An active outing!

Finding a fun, active, affordable, accessible and possible regardless of the weather is not an easy task. That’s why Gymini opens its doors to daycares and schools by proposing packages and adapted themes for fun activities.

Over the years, we have developed a simple system for educators. An online calendar of bookings can be viewed in real time. It is therefore possible, in a meeting, to check whether the desired date is still available or not. In addition, a simplified form makes it possible to make a reservation request. A contract to be approved is sent later to confirm the terms of the reservation.

Our location, at the junctions of Highways 20 (401), 30 and 40 (417), makes us an easily accessible place from Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Montreal, Suroît, Laval or Glengarry.

Our plans

Full day

$24.99 / child
The full experience
  • From 31 to 100 children*
  • 5 hours of animation
  • Meal space on the mezzanine for your group

**small group package (less than 30 children) available. We must add an administrative fee of $110 at the unit price.

Half day

$14.99 / child
Le choix populaire
  • From 31 to 100 children*
  • 2:30 animation
  • Meal space on the mezzanine for your group

**small group package (less than 30 children) available. We must add an administrative fee of $70 to the unit price.

Typical schedule

Half day

Duration Description
15min Arrival and welcome
60min Gym activities - Part 1
15min Break - Snack
60min Gym activities - Part 2

Full day

Duration Description
15min Arrival and welcome
120min Gym activities - Part 1
45min Break - Lunch
105min Gym activities - Part 2
30min Big game
15min Stretch and end


If you would like to book an activity for your school or daycare, we will be happy to plan it with you. Do not hesitate to consult the calendar to check availability


Booking form

IMPORTANT: The form does not constitute the "reservation". A reservation contract will be sent to you upon receipt of this electronic form.
  • Booking form

    IMPORTANT: The form does not constitute the "reservation". A reservation contract will be sent to you upon receipt of this electronic form.
  • Your informations

  • Information of the establishment and children

  • Activity information

    If you want more dates, please mention it in the "Other comments" section
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  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Additional Information

We offer two activity formats:
Half day (animation time: 2.5 hours): $14.99 / participant
During your half-day, students will participate in 2h15 workshops offered by our coaches and a period of 15 minutes will be allocated for a snack.

Full day (animation time: 5 hours): $24.99 / participant
During your full day, students will participate in 4h15 workshops offered by our coaches. In addition, a 15 minute period will be allocated for a snack and a 30 minute period for dinner.

Small Group Pricing (30 participants and less):
Group pricing is given to groups with a minimum number of participants:
Preschool: 24 participants
School: 30 participants

For groups with fewer participants than the minimum number of participants, an administrative fee will be charged based on the chosen activity format:
Half day: $70
Full day: $110

Deposit to be returned within 30 working days of booking to validate your reservation.

Our coaches will welcome your group at the secondary door of the Multisports center of Vaudreuil-Dorion:
3093, boulevard de la Gare in Vaudreuil-Dorion, room C-145. The bus can be parked in the parking lot (side of Elmer-Lach Street) of the Multisports Center.

During the activity, the person in charge must have a list of information on the participants so that the club can consult it if necessary. This list must contain the following information: complete name of each participant, allergies, diseases, medication, address, name of a parent, health insurance number and date of birth.

A comfortable sports outfit (no jeans or dress) is recommended. It will mandatory to remove jewelry that could hurt the participants. Long hair should be tied. Participants will be asked to remove outdoor shoes and socks. Wearing indoor sports shoes is accepted for accompanying adults.

Note that you must ensure the presence of one adult per group of 15 students. The supervising adult of the group will actively take care of the discipline. We also count on the active participation of adults present to maintain calm and discipline during activities; in corridors, locker rooms, washrooms, snack and dinner time. Entry into the building and into the gymnasium must be in rows so as not to obstruct access to doors and equipment. Attendants must be dressed appropriately for the activity (see above).

A non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total bill is required within 30 business days of booking. Otherwise, it will be canceled. An estimate of the number of participants must be confirmed two weeks before the date of the activity. The group leader is responsible for confirming to the Club the number of people who will be present during the activity. If some people can not be present during the activity, they will not be charged to the group, up to 10% absence. For example, a group that reserves for 110 people, 2 weeks before the activity, the leader informs the Club that they will be 100 people. On the day of the activity, 10 people are absent. The Club will charge only 90 people to the group.

If you were unable to attend on the date and time indicated, we would ask you to notify us at least 48 hours in advance (working days).

If your school was officially closed because of the weather, there would be no additional fees and we would postpone the activity. For any other absence related to a problem of transportation, traffic, etc., the amount will be due in full. A hazardous weather advisory, usually being announced 48 hours in advance, could allow you to cancel your visit within the prescribed time and postpone it, avoiding the waether complications.